I have a litter planned for late 2024/ 2025

If you are interested in a puppy please fill in my puppy interest form.

All Rizenstar pups are rehomed with:

  • ANKC Pedigree Papers
  • DNA Parentage Certificate
  • Vet Checked
  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • A couple of weeks supply of the puppies diet  (please note interstate owners this is not available due to being frozen or fresh food)
  • Sample of the treats we feed our dogs
  • Membership to the Breed Club in your state
  • Membership to the Canine Control in your state
  • A puppy information Book (containing health certs for parents, history, 5 generation pedigree and loads more information)
  • Bowl, Lead and Collar, Toys, Treats, and lots more.
  • 6 week free Pet Insurance *

All puppies will start basic toilet training and will have a good regular sleep pattern. Crate training will also be started prior to going to their new home.

Our preference for homes for our pups will always be a loving family pet home, we are not against people who are interested in Showing and/or Breeding, however we do prefer not to place our pups into a breeding home. 

Rizenstar Staffords place all pups into a co-ownership agreement regardless of main or limited register.  Pups will remain in the co-ownership until they are desexed.  

Once your pup is desexed the pedigree papers will be transferred into your name solely.  

PLEASE NOTE: Pups will not be sold on Main Register to just anyone, if you are interested in showing or breeding please contact us with more information before requesting a main register pup.  

*Insurance Plan

All pups from Rizenstar will have 6 weeks insurance from the day you pick your puppy up.  This covers:

Up to $3000 Vet Fees (Not including vaccinations)

Up to $1500 Death From Illness

Up to $1500 Death From Injury

Up to $400 Advertising & Reward if your dog is lost

Up to $1500 Theft & Straying (If you pup is not found).

The breeder will do regular check ups on the health and well being of the puppy.  Any puppy found to be neglected or mistreated will be recovered by the breeder and the proper authorities will be notified.


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