Rizenstar Never Let Me Go (AI) CA

Lure Coursing Highlights
Winter Coursing Carnival (ASTCQ & QSA Trials) - 5th & 6th June 2021
Judges: Nic Mather & Roger Winton
Highest Scoring Coursing Ability Dog
Qld Sighthound Association - 28th July 2019
Judge: Ms Rosine Jewels
Highest Scoring Junior Courser

Legend: DNA-P=DNA Profiled | DNA-PA=DNA Parentage | NCL-A {status}=Cerebellar Ataxia Status | HUU {status}= Hyperuricosuria Status | DM {status} = Degenerative Myelopathy Status | PRA(1) {status} = CRD1PRA Status | PRA(2) {status} = CRD2PRA Status

CY Ch. UKR Ch. BUL Ch. MDA Ch. PHIL Ch. SRB Ch. TUR Ch. GR Ch. Orion Red Mist King Of Rings (Imp SRB)

DNA-P | NCL-A Clear by Pedigree

DK UCh. LUX Ch. Paton King Of Rings (SRB)

NCL-A Clear

ME Ch. Aik Of Flight Staff (SRB)

BiH Ch. EUR Ch. SRB Ch. SRB JR Ch. WLD Ch. Don King Of Rings (SRB) EUR Ch. Lari Long Step (SRB)
CIB INT Ch. SRB JR Ch. Cool Wind Kennel Tara (SRB)
Teresa Of Eagle Blend (SRB) SRB Ch. Picasso Of Eagle Blend (SRB)
CIB SRB Ch. Cora Of Eagle Blend (SRB)

BiH Ch. Molly King Of Rings (SRB)

BiH Ch. EUR Ch. SRB Ch. SRB JR Ch. WLD Ch. Don King Of Rings (SRB) EUR Ch. Lari Long Step (SRB)
CIB INT Ch. SRB JR Ch. Cool Wind Kennel Tara (SRB)
BiH Ch. SRB Ch. Beauty Rose Long Step (SRB) SRB Ch. Dike Long Step (SRB) 
Anja Long Step (SRB) 


Golden Heart Long Step (SRB)    

NCL-A Clear

EE Ch. ME Ch. SRB Ch. SRB JR Ch. Builder's Best Heavenly Rider Long Step (SRB)

BiH Ch. BUL Ch. INT Ch. MK Ch. SRB Ch. White Head Long Step (SRB) HRV JR Ch. HRV Ch. HUN Ch. Mlader's Mad Max
CIB HUN Ch. Backwoods Fly (SRB) 
Ko Bo's Europa (SRB) CIB YUG Ch. YUG JR Ch. Quest Zak 
CIB Popstaff Killing Me Softly (SRB)

SRB JR Ch. Dream Orca Long Step (SRB)

AUT Ch. HRV JR Ch. HRV Ch. INT Ch. ITL Ch. SVK Ch. Dr Hakenbush's Bon Jovi John (HRV) HRV JR Ch. HRV Ch. HUN Ch. Mlader's Mad Max
Ch. Dr Hakenbush's Calamity Ann (HRV) 
CIB HUN Ch. Backwoods Fly (SRB) HUN JR  Ch. HUN Ch. Backwoods Sundance Kid 
HUN Ch. Sierra's Silver Charm 
AUST Ch. Rizenstar The Violet Hour

DNA-P | DNA-PA | NCL-A Clear | HUU Clear | DM Clear by Parentage | PRA (1) Clear | PRA (2) Clear


AUST Ch. Havfun Bad Habit

DNA-P | NCL-A Clear | HUU Clear | DM Clear

AUST Ch. Havfun All Wired Up 

Winyahart Black Rock AUST Ch. Amtex Bald Eagle
Esmeralda Vom Rendez-Vous Berg (Imp GER)
Lyntiki Without A Doubt Lyntiki Paleface Playboy
Lyntiki Miss Arrizona

AUST Ch. Havfun Hot Gossip

AUST Ch. Willynwood Midnightxpress (Imp USA) AM Ch. Chasqui White Rock Indiana (USA)
Willynwood Perfectly Happy (USA)
Lyntiki Blue Denim AM Ch. Pacific's Hot Pursuit (Imp USA)
AUST Ch. Lyntiki Sweet Georgia

AUST Ch. Iminawe Zhelian Bronze

DNA-P | NCL-A Carrier | HUU Clear | DM Clear

AUST/ NZ Ch. Stafface Heavens Domain (IID NOR)

RUS Ch. Se Ch. Fraja NE Trick Or Treat (Imp NOR) AM Ch. Fraja EC Thunder Cloud (USA)
Storytime Beverley Hillbilly (USA)
AUST Ch. You Too Tipit Z Hanky (Imp NWY) CZE Ch. INT Ch. Copyright Tipit Z Hanky (CZE)
DJ Tipit Z Hanky (CZE)

AUST Ch. Zforce Hot Wired

AUST Ch. Bellamon Smooth Criminal AUST GR Ch. Zican's Impressive Mr Doc (Imp SWE)
AUST Ch. Bluesteel Kiara
AUST Ch. Tangogold Chief Maka AUST Ch. Yanegua All Tanked Up (AI)
Lyntiki Midnight Madness

* Clear by Pedigree - Parents are tested but there is no Parentage to 100% prove this result.

* Clear by Parentage - Parents are tested and dog has been DNA Parentage tested to 100% prove the results.

Rizenstar Never Let Me Go (AI) CAA

Pet Name: Enzo

Date Of Birth: 07/11/2015

Colour: Red

COI (10Gen): 4.23782%



Staffwild Litter - 01.01.2018



DNA Profiled: Yes

DNA Parentage: Yes

Cerebellar Ataxia (NCL-A): Clear 

Hip Scored: Yes

Elbow Scored: Yes

Cardiac Tested: Yes

Eye Tested: Yes

Canine Hyperuricosuria (HUU): Clear

CRD1PRA: Clear

CRD2PRA: Clear

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Clear

DNA Coat Colour: Yes


Titles Gained

ANKC Junior Courser

ANKC Coursing Ability

ANKC Coursing Ability Advanced


DNA Colour

A Locus - ay/ay

B Locus - B/B

D Locus - D/D

E Locus - E/E

Em Locus - Em/Em

K Locus - ky/ky

Pied: S/sp

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